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About Our Staff

All of our teachers/Staff work under the leadership of Ms. Joanna to assist in promoting a learning environment where students will succeed in their academics. 


Pathfinders: Ms. Ashley Has been working with Elementary students for 4 years. She and Mrs. Joanna work together with the students to help them with all academics. We look forward to seeing our students every day.

Discovery Class: Mrs. Lili has been working at all hope for 3 years, she has been working with children for 10. She loves seeing her students learn and succeed and their academics.

Explorers: Mrs. Marie has been with All Hope for 7 years, she specializes in teaching our students that need a small group and extra help, before working at All Hope she worked with after school tutoring services and spent 19 years working with preschool students getting them ready for Kindergarten.


Adventurers: Mrs. Tia is our lead middle school teacher, she has been with All Hope for 6 years

Trendsetters: Ms. Linda  has years of teaching experience in public education with ESE students and regular education students. She is enjoying her third year with All Hope Christian Academy, She enjoys teaching our High School Students.

Dean of Students: Ms. Amanda has been with All Hope Christian Academy since the beginning, She has been working with students in an educational setting for more than seven years. In addition to her Degree in Early Childhood Education from Liberty University, She has worked for AmeriCorps tutoring students in reading, She is certified through Accelerated Christian Education. She has enjoyed teaching and guiding the students in their education activities and learning. This year she is looking forward to working in the office as well as guiding students toward their fullest potential.

Mrs. Krista works with all students in areas where she is needed. 

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